eSolutions America, INC. is an American IT solutions provider and Consulting company founded by technology professionals. Our vision is to provide low-cost and high-quality software services and solutions worldwide.
We are specialized in architecture, design, development and integration of large and small scale systems. We have demonstrated our ability to meet client needs for highly sophisticated software and engineering services by successfully completing contracts and projects on time and within budget. Our unflinching commitment to qualify, customer satisfaction, value and service has resulted in excellent relationships with clients.
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eSolutions® has created key technology and service offerings critical to the IT industry. We deliver end-to-end solutions that can build, manage, and support our customers' IT infrastructure.
The range of our offerings extends to hardware, software (including systems and application software development, implementation, maintenance), IT architecture, network consulting and IT-enabled processing services. Our experience and widely recognized expertise ensures the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.
   •   Application Development and Maintenance
   •   Architecture Consulting
   •   Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
   •   Enterprise Application Services (ERP, CRM)
   •   Enterprise Application Integration
   •   Enterprise Security
   •   Enterprise Storage Solutions
   •   System Integration
   •   Testing Services
   •   Web Services

eSolutions America, Inc.
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